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How To Start Cocoa Farm Business And be Successful

Cocoa Farming Business in Nigeria There are certain factors you have to consider before starting a cocoa farm: Basic requirements for a Successful Cocoa Farming One of the […]

Cocoa Farming In nigeria

Cocoa Farming in Nigeria The basis of writing this post, is to enlighten you about the opportunities in cocoa production business. Introduction & a Brief History of Cocoa […]

How To Farm Onions

Onions contribution to one of the world’s daily need for food preparation. Nigeria has a high consumption rate of onions, yet the farming of onions in the country […]

Carrot Farming Tips

  In recent years agriculture has contributed immensely to Nigeria’s gross national development(GDP), in 2018 alone agriculture contributed 29.54% to Nigeria’s total GDP. This is a plus to […]

A lucrative Apple Farming (Complete Guide)

Apple farming has been a difficult venture in West Africa including Nigeria due to Climatic conditions. This fruit bearing plant is selective in climate ,yet the fruit is […]

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