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Harvested onions

Onions contribution to one of the world’s daily need for food preparation. Nigeria has a high consumption rate of onions, yet the farming of onions in the country has been neglected and is considered to be a menial job meant only for the poor. People from the northern part of Nigeria are the only ones engaged in onion farming business, even though this crop support millions of Nigeria population and the world over! In fact there are many families in the Northern part of Nigeria that depend on Onions farming for their livelihood and are doing it with integrity and purpose, contributing their own quota to national growth.

If you know the value of onions and you have passion to farm the crop, then you are definitely going to make millions farming onions. You can decide to either farm or even do the buying and selling aspect alone.

Cultivated soil with onions seedlings

There is no difficulty in growing Onions as  it can be grown within your compound it can as well survive any where in the country as against the purported belief by many that it can only be grown in the Northern part of Nigeria. Onions has the ability to survive with maximum yield anywhere in Nigeria

For those considering to go into Onions farming, it is indeed a business with an encouraging turnover for serious minded farmers because its consumption rate around the globe is very high. Most of us see onion as one of those food ingredients we cook with, but it goes beyond that. Onion farming has the capability of making Millionaire of any devoted farmer. Its Lucrative potential has long been overlooked. And now aspiring entrepreneurs are beginning to understand how valuable and lucrative onions farming is.


For those interested in onions farming business, this article will guide you extensively in taking steps to create a wonderful business that will make you a millionaire

Starting A Commercial Onions Farming

1.Onions Varieties

There are two basic types or varieties of Onions and they are, short day and long day onions with differing growing periods. When making a selection of the onions to plant, look out for the perennial onions variety and the bulb variety because they produce faster and better than other types.

2. How To Plant Onions

Onions are best grown from seeds transplant for maximum yield. One can still grow it in which ever way one chooses but transplanting method enables the farmer to properly space the crops. The crop spacing is best at 1/2 inch apart and 3/8 inch deep. The rows are best put at 15 inches apart.

3. Maintaining The Plants

Onions require a lot of water at the early stage. Therefore during rain off season, irrigation should be applied. Weeding like every other farming practices, is very important because it helps for full nutrients utilization instead of sharing it with the weeds. Onions is found to do much better when proper weeding is done and
while weeding, enough cares should be taken not to cut the roots. It is also good to employ natural root builder by adding some mycorrizal fungi to assist the roots get the soil nutrients for improved growth and development.

5. Harvesting Period

Onion are usually harvested within three months, especially the bulb onions. They are best harvested when the plants begins to yellow. This is the time they are fully matured. You can also induce the process by breaking the tops of the onions as that makes it ripen before bringing out flowering stalks. Do not wait until it starts producing flower stalks.

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For the green onions, harvesting is best done when it gets to 5 inches tall as it has been discovered to have more stronger flavor if it,s allowed to attain or get more than that height.

Onions are best plant by the mid-October, though it can be planted at other times but mid-October is the right time for the crop to get full nutrients absorption. Furrow irrigation is encouraged for the plants to produce very well.

You can make millions from onion farming, but you must be diligent and serious going about your business. This business is highly untapped and very much in high demand. You definitely will make millions if you start onion farming and follow up with the farming practices. In major markets in Nigeria, one bag of onions currently sell between N25,000, N30,000 and N45,000 as the case may be.

During Festive periods in Nigeria, the prizes of onions usually increase.

You can buy a bag of onions at the rate of N13,500 and N16,500 from the Northern states of the country like Kebbi, Kano, Abuja or from any other states that grow it  and have it brought down to any place of your choice while you source for the ready markets locally as it has high consumption rate in every part of the country.
You surely cannot go wrong farming onions or doing buying and selling onions. It’s high Lucrative nature cannot be overlooked.

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