Tips For Starting A Lucrative Laundry/Dry Cleaning Business


in our daily work schedules, the task of washing and ironing our clothes is fast becoming very tedious and time consuming. Unlike before, many people these days find it difficult to handle both their daily business schedules and the task of washing. Hence, the laundry business has become one of the most lucrative venture in Nigeria. Are you aspiring to invest your money in the laundry and dry cleaning business?  This would be a great choice you could make.  Starting the business is not as capital bugging as perceived by people. You can actually start the business in the comfort of your home with just the basic needs for your laundry business. Meanwhile, it would be necessary to get acquainted with the basic factors you need to consider before taking off with your business aspiration.

Training: There is always a huge difference in the outcome of our washing compared to the professional touch offered by a laundryman. This is because he is trained to this course. Hence you need to get trained by an experienced laundryman To learn the following:

How to wash different fabrics

How to dry clean different fabrics

How to iron and regulate temperature for different fabrics

Folding and Packaging

Time management

Business management

You also need to learn that cute professional touch

The success of every business depends partly on your services, and performance. your laundry and dry cleaning business is not an exception. Hence you need to go through training before embarking on the laundry business.

Note – There is a difference between laundry and dry cleaning. Laundry involves washing clothes using water and detergent while dry cleaning is cleaning clothes using chemicals without water.


Business Registration.

Register Your Business with the Corporate Affairs Commission  before you start rendering any laundry or dry cleaning services to the public make. It does not matter where you are operating from; home or shop you need to get your business registered!

Business Location:  The location of your laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria is very important. If you site your business in a low profile, densely populated area, chances are that residents there would rather wash for themselves and be on the economic side However, if you locate your business in a high profile area like busy industrial areas with housing estates, hotels, universities etc  your success is sure, provided you imbibe true. professionalism and great management abilities.

Capital: You can start small. To reduce cost, you should consider the following:

Start from your home

Opt. to start from home by purchasing just the basic washing tools (commercial washing supplies, hangers, tags, pressing irons, ironing table, buckets, Basins, nylon for packaging, starch, Chemicals for removing stains, Garment Conveyor, etc)

A Generator Set

Get one or two employees.

But if you want to setup a big laundry and dry cleaning business, you will need Industrial washing machines, dryer, industrial ironing board and a generator with higher KVA.

Note – The location and size of space for setting up a laundry and dry cleaning business should be big enough to accommodate all your equipment and customers clothes.

Advertising/ Customer Care: The following tips will help you get and retain your customers –

Offer free services  (if you are just starting the business)

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Dealing with Competition:  Your business should best be situated far away from competitors, in other to enjoy monopoly, but incase you definitely have other similarly business around you. Nothing to worry, just be unique and stand out in your service delivery.  Take a survey of your competitors, figure out an aspect of their service that you can improve and be better on. Perfect on that service to become a stand out laundryman.

Use special promos – Thrill your customers with new offers or special promos.  Promos like “wash 4 clothes for the price of 2” will draw more customers to you.

Fair pricing – let the rate of other laundry businesses within your area be your price fulcrum. Make your own price less than what they offer.

Home delivery – establishing a Home pick up service after laundry would definitely compel clients to patronise you more often.

Have clients clothes ready on or before pick up due date

Make sure you deliver clients clothes in time and don’t ever mix up or misplace customer’s clothes.

Take note of what your clients prefer and apply them

Being plunged into argument with your clients will definitely Mar your business. As you may lose them for your competitors.

Go beyond business services; create and enabling atmosphere to know your customers in other to cement a lasting relationship with them.

Advertise your business – give out your business card, brochures, flyers and by word of mouth! You can also advertise on the internet via social networks like the Facebook, twitter, linkedin, MySpace and even Instagram etc.

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We have just entrusted to you powerful tips that will help you start a successful laundry and dry cleaning business, if you are aspiring to be your own boss as an entrepreneur, and you have interest and skills in laundry businesses, this is yours.

Please you can use the comment box if you have any question or contribution to make.

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